BWP 2022 Annual Report

BWP Trust

Reflecting on continuity of performance in a challenging environment.

BWP Trust is a commercial real estate trust with a portfolio consisting of large format retailing properties, in particular Bunnings Warehouses. BWP tasked us to design their annual report for the financial year of 2022 reflecting on the company’s stability and consistency and dedication to sustainability and ethical activities. We decided to incorporate a unique graphic element, a closeup image of a eucalypt trunk, to represent strength and steady unswerving growth over time, printed in silver over and punching out of, a rich red triangle as the background, which added contrast and depth to the design.

To ensure that the final product was of the highest quality, we worked closely with our printing team to accurately reproduce the silver tree texture in the printing process. The result was a stunning and impactful annual report that caught the attention of our stakeholders and effectively communicated strength, stability, continuity and nodded to sustainability.

Overall, the use of the silver bark as a graphic element and featuring crisp, contemporary text layout, graphs and charts was a successful design choice creating a visually striking annual report and provided a unique and eye-catching design, while the use of natural elements and bold colors helped to convey the company’s values and mission.

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